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Building a bridge between the Aerial Arts and Group Fitness

CirqFIT believes that everyone can be successful and achieve their fitness goals thru training in pole & aerial.  
We believe this success begins with the detailed training of skilled and supportive instructors on how to teach the circus arts so it is achievable for everyone of all fitness levels.

Nationally Accredited Training by

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Why is CirqFIT Instructor Trainings the Best?

For Lyra you will learn 50+ Moves including Mounts, Dismounts, Poses, Rolls, Drops and more
For Pole you will learn 100+ Moves including Inversions, Floorwork, Flow, Spins, Aerial Skills, Spinning Pole and more

Detailed Spotting & Assisting Workshops
Teaching Process Workshop that will set every student up for success
Strength & Conditioning
Class Planning & Design
Combinations, Transitions & Choreography
Embodying the Roll of "Ring Leader”
Basic Rigging for Hoop
Detailed Manual with Step-by-Step Photos of each movement
Online Video Library Access of all moves taught in class and additional resources
....and more

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