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Adriann (she/her) was introduced to pole in February 2016 when a friend asked her to join her for a class. Once she tried it she knew she found her calling. Six months after starting pole and after many long hours of practice and dedication she began teaching beginner level Pole classes.

Pole has become a lifestyle and is her number one passion, other than her son of course! Later on, Adriann started taking classes at IPDF (now DID Fit) in September 2016 as a level 3 and 4 student and quickly fell in love with the environment, atmosphere, and the people here at DID Fit. 

Fast foward today, she's now certfied in Pole, Silks, Lyra, Liquid Motion, Stretching and Flexibility for Aerial and Core Strength and Stability. She teaches all the advanced levels for Pole, Silks and Lyra classes as well as Heels, Liquid Motion, Aerial Conditioning and Mobility, and Acro Yoga at DID Fit in Indianapolis, IN. She absolutely loves seeing her students grow and succeed. Seeing students reach their potential and achieve their goals is what drivers her passion for teaching aerial arts.

Adriann is married and has a teenage (rambunctious) son. She has two fur babies, a cat and a dog, as well as a gecko and a turtle. She has an associates degree in Applied Sciences as a Medical and Surgicial Assistant. She is also a self taught hula hoop dancer, cosplayer, anime junkie, and loves the colors black and maroon. 



Instagram:  @adrie_aerialarts

Jessica began pole dancing in January of 2019. Never having been a dancer before, she loved the way that grace, strength, sensuality and expression slowly became comfortable things for her body to practice.


At the start of Covid-19, Jessica was quarantined without a pole at home or a studio to practice in. Instead, she found a folding chair and spent hours every day drilling chair dance and chair acrobatics. Her chair stayed with her as life restarted, remaining one of her favorite dance practices!


Realizing that she was curious about all forms of aerial dance, Jessica learned Lyra, and later earned her CirqFIT Lyra certification in 2020. Jessica teaches acro chair and pole dance at Soul Pole Dance, with locations in Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Jessica is passionate about guiding students to find joy in their movement while building physical and mental strength.

Jessica Miclon


Instagram:  @jessmiclon

Kissy started her pole journey when her friend asked her to join her class on a whim. It was a fun challenge that became one of her favorite hobbies. Kissy met Karri around 2014 and trained under her to hone in on pole. It was Karri who introduced Kissy to her second hobby- lyra. Karri saw potential in Kissy to become an instructor and took her under her wings. Kissy learned pole, lyra, chair choreo, and lapdance and flourished as an instructor. Students loved Kissy's energy and also found the same passion as Kissy.


You can find Kissy teaching in San Francisco at Crunch Fitness and San Francisco Pole and Dance!



Instagram:  @kissywan

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