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  • What is a CirqFIT Teacher Training?
    CirqFIT teacher training program is a weekend immersion training comprised of lecture, movement, physical training and mock instruction you’ll learn class planning and teaching techniques that will keep your class safe, fun and successful for everyone. We believe that everyone can be successful and achieve their fitness goals through training in the aerial arts. We believe this success begins with training skilled and supportive instructors on how to teach the aerial arts so it’s successful for everyone of all fitness levels.
  • How are the CirqFIT teacher trainings different than other teacher trainings?
    CirqFIT teacher trainings not only teaches the skills but breaks the movements down in detail so everyone can be come a successful regardless of previous aerial experience. With details spotting and assisting drills we engrain safety and class room awareness into our student techaers. CirqFIT teacher trainings also teach proper class planning and sequencing so the students are successful at any fitness level. Not only is the CirqFIT Teacher Training an intense in class experience, but detailed and all encompassing training. CirqFIT is an approved continuing education provider for American Council of Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).
  • How much are the Teacher Training Programs?
    All trainings are $599. Some of the trainings offer an Early Bird Sale that ends 1 month prior to the training date.
  • How long are the teacher trainings?
    The Lyra Teacher Training is 20 hours long and is 2 consecutive days back-to-back. The Pole Teacher Training is 30 hours long and is 3 consecutive days back-to-back. Please note that some times you may have additional work to do after your certification training to complete your certificate.
  • Do you have payment plans for the teacher trainings?
    Yes! We like offering payment plans because it everyone the opportunity to afford the training on their indovidual schedule and budget. We do a $200 deposit and the remaining amount is divided into equal monthly payments leading up to the training date. For Example TRAINING DATE IS 5/4/2021 $200 Deposit 1/1/2021 $99.75 on or before 2/1/2021 $99.75 on or before 3/1/2021 $99.75 on or before 4/1/2021 $99.75 on or before 5/1/2021 Note that we can absolutely adjust to fit your needs as long as the balance is paid in full before the training begins. If you are intersted in setting up a payment plan for a specific training please email us at or rteach out to us via the chat bot on this website.
  • Do you have virtual or online trainings?
    At this time we do not have online trainings but it is something that we are planning on building out in the near future. Please keep an eye on our instagram account for updates.
  • Do I need to have any experience to take your teacher trainings?
    We do not have any experinec requirements for you to take our trainings but for optimal success we recommend you be able to (a) do a pullover mount (on hoop) or (b )be able to invert with a clean straddle mount (on the pole). Being able to do these two items with ease consistently will help ensure you will be able to physically endure the long training.
  • Do you have any trainings outside of the US?
    We do and have done trainings outside of the US. If you have an area specific in which you would like a training please let us know and reach out to us via our contact form or the chat bot on our website. They are always looking to host more trainings to grow and share our CirqFIT team around the world.
  • What language is your training taught in? If I don’t speak English will I still be able to attend the trading?
    At this time our trainings are taught in English. We have worked with many students in the past that do not have English as a main language and still have seen success because our training is so hands-on. If there is a specific language to need please let us know at the time of booking so we can see if it’s possible to accommodate you.
  • After taking a CirqFIT Teacher Training Training when so I get my certificate? Does everyone get certified who goes through the training?
    Here at CirqFIT we are firm believers in the saying, “If you are not learning, you’re not living! “ We believe that our training is the steppingstones to becoming an amazing aerial instructor that both inspires your students and sets them up for success. Noting that this is not the end of your training, it’s only the beginning to working towards another level of training. At the end of the training there are three grades that each student has the possibility of receiving: 1) PASS- this states that we believe you are ready to teach immediately. That your safety, teaching technique and movement knowledge is ready for the classroom. 2) PASS WITHHELD- this states that we want to see a little bit more of one specific thing before we give a year pass certificate. If you receive withheld you’ll be given specific homework to complete within a specific period of time to help ensure that we can get your certificate in a timely manner. It is our goal to see our students set up for success and reach their goals! 3) RETAKE - This is given when we think it’s best that you retake the training to gain the most let you can from the program end it will be the best option for you and your future students. Normally that is because there are safety factors that need repetition and skills that need re-Enforcement. If you are asked to do a retake note that you will not need to pay for the retake and you can sign up for any future training that fits in your schedule and has an opening.
  • How do I get hired to teach after receiving my certification?
    Having your certification from a CirqFIT teacher training does not guarantee a position teaching at any studio. However, most studios do you require you to have a certification of some kind in order to teach at their studio due to insurance requirements. Once you have completed your circuit certification it is recommended that you apply and audition at the studio of your choice and let them know that you are proudly a CirqFIT Instructor.
  • How come you never come to my area to host a teacher training?
    Most likely it’s because we just have not been invited by studio in your area to host a training. If you know a studio in your area that would be willing to host us we would love to chat with them. Please message us on our chat bot and we would love to work something out.
  • My studio is interested in hosting a Pole/Aerial teacher training. What do we need to do to set up the training at our studio?
    We are constantly looking for new studios around the world to host our trainings and share the passion of Pole and Aerial. If your studio is interested in hosting the training please look at our studio partnership guide attached here. If interested in scheduling a training please fill out the following form to get the ball rolling: Here are a couple Frequenlty Asked Questions specific to hosting a training and some details... Is there any cost to the studio for hosting a training? No. there is no expense to to the studio for hosting a CirqFIT training. We recognize that blocking the studio time for the training is an expense in itself and want to make the ability to host a CirqFIT training as easy for the studio as possible. How many trainees can you fit in a CirqFIT training? We recommend 2 trainees per available hoop/pole. This gives the ideal training experience and will allow us the ability to cover all material necessary in the time allowed. Studio Partnership with CirqFITIs there a minimum number of trainees required to host a CirqFIT training? Yes. our minimum number is 8 students in the class. This is our “magic” number to cover our expenses in most trainings with the exception of International Trainings (outside of the US). Does the studio need to pay for travel and accommodations of the CirqFIT Master Trainer? No. We want to make our training programs as simple as possible for the studio and manage all booking or travel and accommodations of the CirqFIT Master Trainer. If the host studio would be willing to host the Master Trainer at their home this would be awesome but not necessary. Would it be possible to book additional workshops/classes with the CirqFIT Master Trainer that would be open to our studio members during their visit?Yes. This would be on a case by case basis and can be discussed if interested. Will CirqFIT be solely marketing the training or will the studio be marketing the training? We have found that the trainings are most successful when both parties jointly market the upcoming trainings. What if the training does not reach its 8 person minimum? This will be handled on a case by case. In some cases the training will be postponed or possibly cancelled and all registrants will be refunded or we will decide to continue with the training regardless of the low attendance. How much time will the studio be needed to be blocked for the training? We need consecutive days with a minimum of 9 hours each day but 10 hours is preferred. The training is intense and fast paced and will be tight fitting all of the amazing content into those 18 hours!! Hoop Trainings should be on Saturday/Sunday. Pole Trainings should be Friday/Saturday/Sunday. We look forward to working with you!
  • How do I know if I’m teacher material?
    If you have a passion for the aerial arts and are excited at the opportunity to share with others then you are teacher material! You do not need to be a skilled aerialist, aerial skills can be taught and learned. The important part is that you have a winning personality that is passionate about what you do. Skills can be learned!
  • Who teaches your certifications and what are their qualifications?
    Our master trainers are all master in the art of aerial and are exemplaryexemplary teachers. All of our instructors have been teaching for multiple years and have at some point competed in their aera of expertise. Our ,master trainer have undergone a detailed process of training on the CirqFIT matreial and each bring their own experiences and spicy to the training programs.
  • How do I tape my hoop?
    Here is a video we have put together on how to properly tape a hoop. The items you will need: 1) A Hoop 2) 2 rolls of athletic tape (We recommend Mueller brand) 3) Chalk 4) Scissors
  • How do I know what size hoop to buy?
    To determine the right size of the hoop for your of your students typically the rule of thumb is that you sit upright and measure from your seat to the top of your head and add 2 inches. That is the size that should fit your body but your might sway one direction or anorher depending upon personal preference.
  • What type of metal do you use on your hoops?
    Aerial hoops are produced from a steel pipe then powder coated to ensure a more secure grip and a more attractive appearance.
  • What are the differences between the 3 types of hoops you sell?
    Each of the 3 hoop types allow you the unique ability to do different skills and manuevers. Which skills you would like do to will dictate the type of hoop you prefer.
  • How long of a spanset should I buy?
    This varies greatly upon your ceiling height and the height in which you would like your hoop to rest once hung. For those new too hoop I recommend a hoop chest height or even something you can comfortably sit into from the ground. Once you become more intermediate/advanced you'll probably want to head more towards competition height which is standard at 6 feet.
  • How much weight can the hoop hold?
    Aerial hoops are made of steel pipe and are super strong. They can hold thousands of pounds!
  • How much weight can Aerial fabrics hold?
    These soft gentle fabrics are extremely strong and can hold over 3,000 pounds!
  • Do you sell wholesale to studios?
    Yes! We can help you wil that! Please email us at or message us on the websites chat bot and we would love to talk with you more about your studios equipment needs.
  • Do you sell aerial frames?
    At this time we do not but we will in the near future.
  • When should I wash my aerial silks/hammock?
    Once they smell a little funky it might be time to wash them. We do recommend doing your aerial work in leggings and a t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt (something that covers the armpit) to help lengthen the time between washes. The more frequently you need to wash your fabrics the faster they wear out and lose their integrity. So you wnat to wash them as infrequently as possible. Please refer to fabric care instructions for washing details.
  • How should I clean/wash my fabrics?
    In between uses let them air out in a dry place. The fabrics can be washed in the washing machine, after removing the accessories. Recommended settings: temperature 40 degrees, gentle spinning, do not add fabric softener. With proper use, the scarf can be used up to 5 years.
  • How long will my aerial silks last?
    With proper care and cleaning you should expect your fabrics to last up to 5 years.
  • What if my apparel purchase doesn't fit? Can I exchange it for another size?
    Yes! We want you to love your purchases and you can always exchange them for another size. Please refer to the "Shipping & Returns" section of our website that can be found both at the botton of each page or from the top navigation bars.
  • Can I customize my apparel?
    Yes! we can work with custom apparel. Please message us on the chat bot to inquire about custom apparel.
  • How are your clothes sized? What are the size ranges?
    Each piece of apparel is sized and fits differently. Please refer to the deatils of that item on that items page. If the information your are looking for is not readily availible please send us a messag eon our chat bot for details.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping cost vary depending upon the weight/size of the items that are purchased and the country in whihc they need to be shipped. Some of the heavier and larger items, like a lyra, are more expensive in shipping because the box is 5 feet x 5 feet in size and is heavier. If you are looking for further details on shipping cost of any of our items please drop us a line on our chat bot and we would be happy to answer your questions.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    At this time we only ship within the USA. We are working out internationla shipping but are not ready to be able to offer that service. In the near future we will be able to accomodate.
  • Do you sell Gift Certificates?
    Yes, we sell gift certificates in any denomination you like. To access gift certificates: From our Home page click on the "more" tab at the top right of the page. This will give youa dropdown and there you will see gift certificates.
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